CAP Conference 2014

Vincent Gabrielsen and Mario C. D. Paganini, on behalf of the Copenhagen Associations Project, organised the international conference:

A World of Well-Ordered Societies? The Rules and Regulations of Ancient Associations

The Danish Institute at Athens, 22-23 May 2014

The conference was devoted to a principal aspect of the organisation of ancient private associations: the set or sets of rules through which they regulated themselves as organisations and determined the activities of their membership. The aim of the conference was twofold: (a) to shed light on every possible facet of the rules of associations; and (b) to interpret the functional significance of these rules both instrumentally (i.e. as tools of group governance) and sociologically (i.e. their impact internally within the group as well as externally in the wider societal and cultural space).

Speakers and papers

  • Ilias N. Arnaoutoglou (Academy of Athens), ‘Greek thorubos, Roman eustatheia. The normative universe of Athenian cult associations’
  • Jan-Mathieu Carbon (Université de Liège), ‘The well-ordered city of women’
  • Annelies Cazemier (University of Copenhagen), ‘Religious order(s): ancient associations and divine authority’
  • María Paz de Hoz (Universitad de Salamanca), ‘Rules and regulations of associations in ancient Lydia’
  • Benedikt Eckhardt (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster), ‘Regulations on absence and obligatory participation in ancient associations’
  • Kasper G. Evers (University of Copenhagen), ‘The Eurasian comparandum: 
rules and regulations of associations in ancient India and early medieval China’
  • Nikos Giannakopoulos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), ‘Admission rules and financial obligations in private associations: norms and deviations’
  • Cassandre Hartenstein (Université de Strasbourg), ‘Les associations égyptiennes et leur justice interne’
  • Sofia Kravaritou (Greek Ministry of Culture & Sports. 17th Ephorate for Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Vergina), ‘From hypostoloi and synsitoi to hylouroi and zoriastai. Thessalian associations at work’
  • Ursula Kunnert (Universität Zürich), ‘«... it is not lawful to sell his share ...» Rules and regulations of associations using collective tombs abroad’
  • Micaela Langellotti (King’s College London), ‘Private associations in the economy and society of early Roman Tebtunis’
  • Stella Skaltsa (University of Copenhagen), ‘Associations and spatial organization: regulating space and social interaction in the post-classical polis
  • Christian A. Thomsen (University of Copenhagen), ‘Associations, the law and the making of an ancient Greek civil society’
  • Nicolas Tran (Université de Poitiers), ‘Ordo corporatorum: epigraphic habit in Ostia and the rules of Roman associations (II – III c. A.D.)’
  • Andreas V. Walser (DAI Münich), ‘Miletus and its associations – The Interaction between the polis and its associations in the Hellenistic and Roman period’
  • Sophia Zoumbaki (KERA Athens), ‘Private affairs in a public domain: internal regulations and social impact of religious associations from the Peloponnese in the late Hellenistic and early Imperial period’

It is possible to download the conference programme and abstracts.