A selection of papers presented at the conference in September 2010 (see Activities) will be published in a forthcoming volume, edited by Vincent Gabrielsen and Christian A. Thomsen. Papers of the CAP Symposium 2012 will also be published in a separate volume, edited by Annelies Cazemier and Stella Skaltsa.

Listed below are articles (on topics related to ancient associations) published by members of the Copenhagen Associations Project:

Gabrielsen, V. (2007) ‘Brotherhoods of faith and provident planning: the non-public associations of the Greek world’, Mediterranean Historical Review 22.2: 183-210.

Gabrielsen, V. (2001) ‘The Rhodian associations and economic activity’, in Archibald, Z.H. et al. (eds.) Hellenistic economies (London) 215-244.

Gabrielsen, V. (1994) ‘The Rhodian associations honouring Dionysodoros from Alexandria’, Classica et Mediaevalia 45: 137-160.