Past conferences, colloquia, and meetings

2nd March 2016: 'The Spectre of Death and the Spectrum of Norms: Purity from the Individual to the Group and the Polis', J.-M. Carbon, at the conference Purity and Authority, University of Münster.

'The work of the Copenhagen Associations Project and some early examples of associations from Ptolemaic Egypt', M.C.D. Paganini, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

16th March 2016: ‘The Copenhagen Associations Project’, M.C.D. Paganini, at the Conference Digital Humanities in the Nordic countries, University of Oslo. 

18th March 2016: 'Documentary practices of private associations in early Roman Egypt’, University of Oslo.

2nd April 2016: 'Epigraphic Habits of Private Associations in the Ptolemaic Egyptian chora’, M.C.D. Paganini, at the Corpus of Ptolemaic Inscriptions Conference, University of Oxford.

From 9th to 11th September 2010, an international symposium was held at the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Copenhagen, on the theme of ‘Private associations and the public sphere in the ancient world’. Speakers included: Ilias Arnaoutoglou, Alexandru Avram, Vincent Gabrielsen, Matthew Gibbs, Matthias Haake, John Hall, Paulin Ismard, Stéphanie Maillot, Inge Nielsen, Maria Paz de Hoz, Jonathan S. Perry, Rubina Raja, Nicholas K. Rauh, Dorothy J. Thompson, Philip Venticinque, and Korinna Zamfir. See programme.

A second international symposium on associations was held at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen, from 11th to 13th October 2012. Organised by Annelies Cazemier and Stella Skaltsa, the theme was 'Associations in Context: rethinking associations and religion in the post-classical polis'. Speakers included: 

Ilias N. Arnaoutoglou, Annelies Cazemier, Michał Gawlikowski, Matt Gibbs, Philip A. Harland, Claire Hasenohr, Barbara Kowalzig, Stéphanie Maillot, Paraskevi Martzavou, Emanuel Mayer, Andrew Monson, Mario C.D. Paganini, Paschalis Paschidis, Stella Skaltsa, Hanna Stöger, Christian A. Thomsen, Monika Trümper, Onno M. van Nijf, Philip F. Venticinque, and Sara M. Wijma. For the programme, paper abstracts, and further information, see symposium page. See conference report.

A third international conference, organised by Vincent Gabrielsen and Mario C.D. Paganini,  was held at the The Danish Institute at Athens, on 22-23 May 2014. The conference focusses on rules and regulations of ancient associations. See more information.

A round table, organised by Stella Skaltsa and Christian A. Thomsen, was held in the Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen, on 13 November 2015. The round table focusses on corporate groups and communities. Download programme

Finally, the Copenhagen Associations Project regularly holds ‘closed’ workshops (for staff and specially invited participants only), as well as organising ‘open’ seminars and public lectures. Upcoming events are listed at the top of this page.

8th December 2015: 'Statehood and Citizenship in the Late Hellenistic and Early Roman Periods;, Prof. Giovanni Salmieri (University of Pisa).

16th November 2015: 'Endowments in the Ancient World. Sides of a multifaceted relation: Associations as recipients of endowments', Prof. Sophia Aneziri (University of Athens).

14th September 2015:  'A Few Misidentified Associations: Cultic and Foreign Groups', Dr. Jan-Mathieu Carbon (University of Copenhagen).

15th December 2014: 'A New Inscription from Rhodes Attesting to New Associations', Professor Vincent Gabrielsen (University of Copenhagen).

26th November 2014: "To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved." Professional associations and trust networks in the Roman economy', Dr. Wim Brokaert (Ghent University).

3rd November 2014: 'Funerary and votive inscriptions as sources for the organization of associations in Roman Macedonia', Professor Pantelis Nigdelis (University of Thessalonike).

9th July 2014: 'The Social Networks of Necropolis-Workers in Ptolemaic Egypt', Alba de Frutos Garcia (CSIC, Madrid).

12th March 2014: 'Social Relations in Apprenticeship Agreements regarding the Textile Industry in Roman Egypt', Mr. R. Menten-Plesters (Free University of Brussels).

10th March 2014: 'Athletes, Associations and the Invention of Agonistic Traditions', (jointly with Antiksøjlen), Prof. O. van Nijf (University of Groningen).

24th February 2014: 'Associations and Romanization in Phrygia', Dr B. Eckhardt (University of Münster).

5th December 2013: 'The koinon of the Phrikyladai: a new decree from Liverpool', seminar paper by Dr Polly Low and Dr Peter Liddel, University of Manchester.

7th November 2013: 'The Early Academy ca. 387-47 BC', seminar paper by Dr Jakob Leth Fink, University of Copenhagen.

26th September 2013: CAP seminar (Mario C.D. Paganini) -- see below.

6th June 2013: CAP seminar (Annelies Cazemier) -- see below.

28th May 2013: 'Changing the fabric of space collectively: Associations and their activities in Hellenistic cities and sanctuaries', seminar paper by Professor Ioannis Mylonopoulos, Columbia University.

13th May 2013: CAP seminar (Kasper Evers) -- see below.

24th October 2012: 'The politeuma in the Hellenistic world: a form of organisation to integrate minorities', seminar paper by Dr Patrick Sänger, University of Heidelberg.

10th May 2012: 'Boiotian associations: epigraphic practice and regional context', seminar paper by Dr Fabienne Marchand, Warwick University.

13th March 2012: 'A Hellenistic honorific inscription on bronze from Halaisa (Sicily), in two copies', seminar paper by Dr Jonathan Prag, Merton College, Oxford.

20th February 2012: 'On Civil Society', lecture by Professor Lars Bo Kaspersen, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen.


Listed below are past presentations (on topics related to ancient associations) given at conferences and seminars by members of the Copenhagen Associations Project:

6th February 2016: 'The Rise of New Groups and the Remaking of the Gymnasium in the 1st c. BC - 1st c. AD', Stella Skaltsa, at the internation conference 'Development of Gymnasia and Graeco-Roman Cityscapes, 4th Century BC - 4th Century AD, Freie Universität, Berlin.

27th-29th January 2016: Poster presentation of the CAP at the EAGLE 2016 Congress on Digital and Traditional Epigraphy in Context, Sapienza-Rome.

19th May 2015: 'Greek Cultic Associations, Ritual Norms and Calendars', J.-M. Carbon, at the Seminar on Greek Religion at the Swedish School in Athens.

4th December 2014: 'Towards a Database of Ancient Private Associations: the work of the Copenhagen Associations Project', Mario C. D. Paganini, at the Work-in-Progress Seminars of the Department of Archaeology, Classics, and Egyptology of the University of Liverpool.

18th September 2014: 'No Man Is an Island - The role of networks, diasporas and associations in the organisation of long-distance trade passing through the Red Sea, 1st -3rd cent. CE', Kasper Grønlund Evers (KUA), in the workshop 'Networks and interaction: The Red Sea Region in history and archaeology', University of Bergen. 

CAP Papers at AMIS

29th April 2015: Settling Abroad: Organizating Migration in Antiquity

  • Vincent Gabrielsen: Migratory movements in the ancient world, diaspora homelands and the ethno-congregational association
  • Stella Skaltsa: Housing private associations: a place to meet and worship the gods
  • Mario Paganini: At Home Abroad. “Greeks", private associations, and the gymnasium in Hellenistic Egypt
  • Christian A. Thomsen: Bodies Politic: citizens, foreigners and associations in late-third-century Rhamnous
  • Kasper Evers: Straddling cultural borders, globalizing economies: associations and diasporas as the organizing principle of Greco-Roman and Indian trade networks

10th April 2014: 'Rhamnousian bodies: demesmen, soldiers and the struggle for prominence in late-third-century Rhamnous'. Christian Thomsen, at the international conference "Politês and civis. Concepts, problems and debate on citizenship in the ancient world and in modern political thought", Università degli Studi di Urbino "Carlo Bo", 10th-11th April 2014. 

3rd June 2014: 'More private associations in Egyptian contexts' (provisional title), Mario C.D. Paganini, at the seminar series "Rome in Bloomsbury: Working hard, or hardly working? Work and associations in the Graeco-Roman world", Birkbeck, University of London.

3rd July 2014: 'Private associations and village life in early Roman Egypt', Mario C. D. Paganini, at the international conference 'Institutions in villages in Egypt from the early Roman to the Fatimid period', King's College London. 

18th-20th July 2014: 'Privatvereine in der antiken Welt: The Copenhagen Associations Project', Mario C.D. Paganini, at the Deutscher Papyrologentag, Berlin.

27th March 2014: 'What's in a Name? Commerce at the crossroads of Gandhara and the implications of traders' identities', Kasper Evers, at the workshop "Rethinking the Greeks in Gandhāra", University of Munich.  

21st February 2014: 'Be Faithful and Prosper: Associations, Trade and Trust: The Economy of Security in Hellenistic Times', Prof. Vincent Gabrielsen, at the international conference 'Ancient Economies and Cultural Identities', University of Marburg.

18th February 2014: 'Private associations in the ancient world: the work of the Copenhagen Associations Project', Mario C. D. Paganini, at seminar of the Macquarie Ancient History Association, Macquarie University, Sydney.

12th December 2013: ''Who wants to life forever?' - Fonde og stiftelser i Antikken', Kasper Evers, at the Antikcirklen seminar, University of Copenhagen

29th November 2013: 'Polis and civil society', Christian Thomsen, at a seminar on John A. Hall's book The importance of being civil, University of Copenhagen

14th November 2013: 'If the Greeks had a civil society, what would it be like?', Christian Thomsen, at the Antikcirklen seminar, University of Copenhagen.

26th September 2013: 'Greek and Egyptian associations in Egypt: fact or fiction?', CAP seminar paper, Mario C.D. Paganini, Copenhagen.

25th September 2013: 'Living spaces? Funerary monuments and associations in the Hellenistic period', Stella Skaltsa, Antiksøjle Seminar, Copenhagen

11th September 2013: 'Greek and Egyptian Associations in Egypt: fact or fiction?', Mario C.D. Paganini, at the international conference 'Dialogues between Greece and the East', University of Exeter, 9th-11th September 2013

31st July 2013: 'Decisional and archival practices of private associations in Ptolemaic and early Roman Egypt', Mario C.D. Paganini, at the 27th International Congress of Papyrology, Warsaw

29th July-3rd August 2013: 'The Copenhagen Associations Project’, a poster presentation at the 27th International Congress of Papyrology, Warsaw

19th July 2013: 'Associations, modernization and the return of the private network in Athens: an epigraphical and archaeological investigation', Prof. Vincent Gabrielsen, at the Archaeological Institute of Aegean Studies, Rhodes

19th July 2013: 'Some of the archaeological evidence for the use by associations of hiera in Attika', Stella Skaltsa, at the Archaeological Institute of Aegean Studies, Rhodes

22nd June 2013: 'The gymnasium as lieu de sociabilité: the role of private associations’, Mario C.D. Paganini, at the conference 'Lieux de sociabilité dans l'Égypte ptolémaïque et romaine', Université de Paris Sorbonne.

6th June 2013: 'Private associations on Lesbos: local settings and wider perspectives', CAP seminar paper, Annelies Cazemier, Copenhagen.

13th May 2013: '"The People of Ta-Ch'in (Rome) are Honest and Frank": Networks, Trust and the Roman Trade with China, 1st – 3rd cent. AD', CAP seminar paper, Kasper Evers, Copenhagen.

17th April 2013: ’Hvorfor forske i de antikke foreninger? The Copenhagen Associations Project: målsætning og metode’, Foredrag i Filologisk-Historisk Samfund ved Prof. Vincent Gabrielsen, Københavns Universitet Amager.

4th April 2013: 'Associations and the making of the built space in sanctuaries and meeting places in Attica during the Hellenistic period', Stella Skaltsa, paper in the panel 'Private associations in the Greek world', at the Classical Association Conference in Reading, 3th-6th April 2013.

4th April 2013: 'Death on the Nile: private clubs and after-life in Ptolemaic Egypt', Mario C.D. Paganini, paper in the panel 'Private associations in the Greek world', at the Classical Association Conference in Reading, 3th-6th April 2013.

4th April 2013: 'Initiates in action: associations of mystai in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor', Annelies Cazemier, paper in the panel 'Private associations in the Greek world', at the Classical Association Conference in Reading, 3th-6th April 2013.

4th-5th April 2013: 'The Copenhagen Associations Project’, a poster presentation by Annelies Cazemier, Mario C.D. Paganini and Stella Skaltsa, at the Classical Association Conference in Reading.

7th March 2013: 'Private Associations in the Hellenistic Period: towards a better understanding of the built space through the epigraphic and archaeological evidence', Stella Skaltsa, at the colloquium 'Les lieux de réunion des associations romaines', organized by Oliva Rodríguez Gutiérrez, Begoña Soler Huertas, Nicolas Tran and Bertrand Goffaux, University of Seville (Spain).

29th November 2012: ‘Commemorating the dead in Hellenistic Thera: the testament of Epikteta’, Stella Skaltsa, at the seminar of the Greek Archaeology Group, University of Oxford.

11th October 2012: ‘Before Gods and Men - the public relations of private associations’, Christian A. Thomsen, at the CAP Symposium 2012.

11th October 2012: ‘The religious and social landscape of private associations in Hellenistic Thera’, Stella Skaltsa, at the CAP Symposium 2012.

11th October 2012: ‘"So that, after building a gymnasium and a hall, we may perform sacrifices on behalf of the Kings..." Religion and leisure: a gentry association of Hellenistic Egypt’, Mario C.D. Paganini, at the CAP Symposium 2012.

11th October 2012: ‘Group identity and the gods: theophoric names of associations’, Annelies Cazemier, at the CAP Symposium 2012.

August 2012: ‘The Copenhagen Associations Project’, a poster presentation by Annelies Cazemier and Stella Skaltsa, at the XIVth International Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy (27th - 31st August), Humboldt-Universtät, Berlin.

June 2012: ‘'Non-public associations and modernization in fourth-century Athens: a challenge to democracy?’, Vincent Gabrielsen, at the conference "The Athenian democracy in the fourth-century BC: between tradition and modernization" (21st - 23rd June), Humboldt-Universtät, Berlin.

9th May 2012: 'Epikteta's will: constructing memory in Hellenistic Thera', Stella Skaltsa, at the “Antikcirklen” seminar, held at the University of Copenhagen.

5th May 2012: ‘The taxonomy of private associations in Hellenistic Athens’, Christian Thomsen, at the conference “Aspects of ancient Greek cult II. Architecture – Context – Music. An International Colloquium in Honor of Erik Hansen” (4th - 6th May), held at the University of Copenhagen.

29th March 2012: ‘The Copenhagen Associations Project’, Vincent Gabrielsen, Annelies Cazemier, Stella Skaltsa, and Christian Thomsen, at the "brown bag seminar" of the Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen.

22nd March 2012: ‘The Copenhagen Associations Project: a presentation of its aims and methods’, Vincent Gabrielsen and Stella Skaltsa, at The Danish Institute at Athens.

1st December 2011: ‘Near-Eastern trade and private associations’, Vincent Gabrielsen, at a conference on "The archaeology and history of Palmyrene trade" (1st - 2nd December 2011), the Norwegian Institute at Athens, Greece.

22nd November 2011: ‘Corporate endorsement: private associations and public figures in Hellenistic Rhodes’, Christian Thomsen, at the Ancient Societies Workshop, University of Chicago, USA.

18th November 2011: ‘Dionysiac artists and Republican Rome’, Annelies Cazemier, at a work-in-progress workshop of the research group “Impact of Empire” (part of OIKOS, the Dutch National Research School in Classical Studies), University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

22nd October 2010: ‘Brotherhoods of faith: private clubs in the ancient world’, Vincent Gabrielsen, key-note lecture at the Inaugural Queensland Greek History Conference (22nd - 23rd October 2010), University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.